Does Las Vegas Have Places Where You Can Play Billiards?

Does Las Vegas Have Places Where You Can Play Billiards?

Yes, in Las Vegas for example, there are numerous pool halls and bars that offer pool tables for players. These venues range from traditional pool halls to bars that incorporate pool tables into their entertainment offerings. Many famous casinos and hotels also have game rooms or high-end suites with luxury pool tables.

  • Hilton Grand Vacations Suites: A non-gaming property on the Las Vegas Strip that features a game room with a pool table.
  • Hogs and Heifers: A saloon environment with bar dancing bartenders that also includes pool tables.
  • Backstage Bar and Billiards Downtown: A lively bar in Downtown Las Vegas with several pool tables, a full-service bar, and live shows.
  • Front Row Lounge: A 24/7 pool hall with a full bar, located near The Orleans and offering a friendly atmosphere.
  • Las Vegas Cue Club: An open-24/7 pool hall that allows minors before curfew and offers a full cocktail bar and video poker.
  • Cue D’s Billiard Venue: Located in the growing district of Chinatown, west of the Las Vegas Strip, offering drink specials, table specials, and affordable snack plates.
  • Putter’s: Offers several locations around Las Vegas, focusing on gaming and sports bar environments with pool tables, good food, and plenty of drinks.
  • Area15 Emporium: Part bar, part arcade with plenty of pool tables, classic arcade games, live music, and on-site restaurants.
  • Griff’s Las Vegas: A non-smoking billiard hall with a full restaurant, hosting pool tournaments.
  • Rockhouse: Located in The Venetian, offering pool tables in a grunge rock vibe with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a full bar.
  • Good Timez Billiards: A classic pool hall with a daily happy hour and plenty of tables.
  • Mickey’s Cues & Brews: Known for weekly tournaments and open 24/7, offering some of the nicest tables in town and fun video poker machines.
  • Beer Park: A sports-themed bar with an open-air roof bar to play pool and other classic bar games, offering over 100 draft and bottled beers, cocktails, and American smoked BBQ.
  • The Nerd: Located on the second floor of The Neonopolis, known for cosplay and cocktails but also offering billiards, bowling, and video games.

These venues cater to a wide range of preferences, from traditional pool play to more casual, bar-like environments. Whether you're looking for a quiet game or a lively atmosphere with food and drinks, there's likely a pool hall or game room in Las Vegas that will fit your needs.

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