Terms of Service


Production time:

Please note the production time is based on an approximate estimate. In the event that our factory requires more time, we will advise the buyer accordingly. However once an order is initiated with the required deposit, we are unable to cancel the order or provide a refund due to the custom nature of each item.

Orders are all custom made. We will try our best to accommodate desired installation deadlines. However, our products are custom made to order and there are situations where the tables exceed the given production and shipping time. Black Label Billiards is not able to further discount or cancel a table in that event. We understand the buyers situation, but we also want to make sure the products are produced at the highest quality and not rushed in the event more time is need for production. No cancellations or returns on custom made product.


Installation Difficulty & Additional Charges:

Additional charges may be applicable if details of difficult entry including multiple stairs, multiple levels, etc are not disclosed prior to quoting the installation charges.

Slate beds are typically 300lbs each and there are (3) pieces per table. The material may have to be walked up stairs, down stairs or brought across a difficult routing to install location. If the client does not properly disclose all additional delivery and installation requirements in a timely manner and there are additional delivery and installation requirements, any such charges will be the sole responsibility of charges required for the installation. Please note that all installation costs are based on a normal delivery.  


Damage on any item must be notified to us in writing immediately upon delivery. If the damage is part of the table structure, then the client needs to notify us immediately and not have the table installed. We will replace any damaged or defective part(s). Once replacements are received, the table can be installed. Our accepted quotation only covers (1) installation charge. If the table is damaged upon pickup at the depot by installer, the table remains at the depot until replacement parts are received. 

We reserve our right to return any items requiring repair by the manufacturer. The buyer must not repair any items. Doing so will void all the manufacturers product warranties. on the table and we are unable to credit back repair charges to the client. Under no circumstance are we responsible for any repair charges initiated by the buyer without proper written approval by the seller prior to the repair work being completed.

In the event that the buyer detects any damage and unilaterally authorizes repair and/or installation by others, the buyer is responsible for all additional costs including any new costs associated with labor and material provided by others. All repair and/or installation work completed by others without our permission will void all warranties.

 All factory replacement pieces are custom made to order and will take time to reproduce. The client will be notified regarding how long that will take to reproduce any damaged items.   


Tables ship to a local depot and our professional installers will deliver the table to the install location. Table ships only when install location is ready and confirmed accordingly in writing by the buyer. The product will be kept at our plant until install location is ready at no additional charge. However, the product must be paid in full once completed at the factory or storage charges will be incurred. The delivery and installation occur the same day barring unforeseen circumstances.

Any flooring or carpeting by others must be laid down prior to delivery and installation. Any electrical work including lighting over or around the pool table by others must be done before or after the installation at the client's discretion. If the table arrives per client's orders prior to the location being ready for installation, then the client is responsible for all additional shipping and storage charges that will incur. This can be eliminated by properly coordinating all work provided by others.

The tables are lifetime warranted against manufacturer defect. This not does cover user daily wear and non-authorized installation or repair work provided by others.

Price Quote Effective until

Black Label Billiards holds the right to adjust pricing due to increased shipping or product costs if the sale is not initiated within the quotation acceptance deadline.

Professional installation

Professional installation is required. Our installers have 15+ years of pool table installations. Our tables are only warranted by us if the work is completed by our recommended installers. This is an industry standard practice.