MDF Pool Tables vs. Slate Pool Tables

MDF Pool Tables vs. Slate Pool Tables

Are MDF pool tables as bad as some claim them to be? This debate often surfaces in discussions across YouTube videos and billiard forums. As someone who has experienced both MDF and slate pool tables firsthand, I wanted to share my honest opinion on this topic.

I began my journey with a seven-foot MDF pool table, driven by a desire to play more frequently at my apartment in my free time. However, my experience with a MDF table left me disillusioned—the poor quality cloth, erratic bounces, and subpar play surface made it clear that not all MDF tables are created equal. After a brief time, I sought a replacement that would offer a better playing experience.

My search led me to thoroughly research various pool table brands, scrutinizing details like rubber cushion quality, cloth material, and playfield thickness. Eventually, I stumbled upon a model I felt sure was right for me. Boasting impressive features including thick MDF, better quality rubber cushions, and a sturdy support structure.

Upon playing on this new table, I was pleasantly surprised by its smooth ball roll and overall performance. Well priced, inclusive of delivery, it offered remarkable value for money compared to its more expensive slate counterparts. All in all in comparison to a traditional slate pool table heres what I found.

With ball roll a slate table undoubtedly provides the best ball roll, the better quality MDF table offers a commendable experience nonetheless. As for the rubber cushions the slate tables excel in this aspect. For one reason or another no MDF pool table comes close. Now as for the play surface, slate tables typically feature synthetic and wool cloth. The quality of the MDF is okay for the price, but still nothing in comparison to the quality you get from Simonis, Championship and Gorina fabric play surface options.

Lastly the choice between MDF and slate tables ultimately depends on your space and budget constraints. Slate tables, while offering unparalleled performance, require ample space and are less flexible in terms of relocation. On the other hand, modern high quality MDF tables provide a viable alternative, delivering a decent playing experience at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you opt for a slate or MDF table, what matters most is finding the right fit for your needs and preferences. Hopefully, this insight will help you navigate the pool table market more confidently. If you have any further questions, feel free to email them to

Until next time, happy cueing!
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