The Best Places to Play Billiards in New England

The Best Places to Play Billiards in New England

New England, known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, also boasts a billiards scene. Seasoned player or a casual enthusiast, there are many spots across the northeast where you can enjoy a game of pool in a welcome environment. Here’s a guide to some of the best places to play billiards in New England.

Boston, Massachusetts

Jillian’s Boston

Located near Fenway Park, Jillian’s is a premier entertainment complex offering an extensive billiards area with over 20 tables. The venue also features bowling lanes and arcade games, making it a perfect spot for a night out with friends.

Address: 145 Ipswich St, Boston, MA 02215

Highlights: Lively atmosphere, great for groups, close to Fenway Park.

Scholars American Bistro and Cocktail Lounge

This upscale lounge in the heart of downtown Boston offers a sophisticated environment for billiards enthusiasts. With a handful of well-maintained tables, it’s an ideal spot for both serious players and those looking to enjoy a leisurely game.

Address: 25 School St, Boston, MA 02108

Highlights: Stylish setting, quality food and drinks, central location.

Providence, Rhode Island


A staple in the Providence billiards scene, Snookers is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and top-notch tables. The venue hosts regular leagues and tournaments, catering to both amateurs and pros.

Address: 53 Ashburton St, Providence, RI 02904

Highlights: Competitive leagues, excellent table maintenance, vibrant community.

Rí Rá Irish Pub

In addition to its authentic Irish fare and lively pub atmosphere, Rí Rá offers several billiards tables. It’s a great spot to enjoy a game of pool while soaking in the charming decor and warm hospitality.

Address: 50 Exchange Terrace, Providence, RI 02903

Highlights: Authentic Irish pub experience, friendly service, downtown location.

Hartford, Connecticut

Shooters Billiards & Arcade

Shooters is a popular destination for billiards in Hartford, featuring numerous tables and a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The venue also includes an arcade, making it a great place for family outings.

Address: 50 Spring St, Southington, CT 06489

Highlights: Family-friendly, variety of games, spacious layout.

Pool Factory Billiards

This dedicated billiards hall offers a professional setting with high-quality tables and equipment. Pool Factory Billiards is perfect for serious players looking to hone their skills.

Address: 1262 Burnside Ave, East Hartford, CT 06108

Highlights: Professional-grade tables, serious player focus, instructional opportunities.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

While known primarily for its vibrant nightlife and dining options, the Portsmouth Gas Light Co. also features a billiards area. Enjoy a game of pool in a historic building with a unique ambiance.

Address: 64 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Highlights: Historic venue, great food and drink selection, central location.

Legends Billiards & Tavern

Legends Billiards & Tavern is a local favorite, offering a laid-back environment with several well-maintained tables. The tavern also hosts regular tournaments and events, fostering a strong billiards community.

Address: 80 New Rochester Rd, Dover, NH 03820

Highlights: Regular events, friendly community, casual vibe.

Burlington, Vermont

Club Metronome

Club Metronome is a versatile venue in Burlington that transforms into a billiards hotspot. With a mix of live music, DJ nights, and pool tables, it’s a lively spot for a fun night out.

Address: 188 Main St, Burlington, VT 05401

Highlights: Vibrant nightlife, eclectic entertainment, central location.

The Green Room

Tucked away in Burlington, The Green Room offers a cozy and intimate setting for billiards. The venue features a few tables and a selection of craft cocktails, making it a perfect spot for a relaxed evening.

Address: 86 St Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401

Highlights: Intimate atmosphere, craft cocktails, hidden gem.


New England offers a diverse array of venues for billiards enthusiasts, from sophisticated lounges and historic pubs to dedicated billiards halls and lively entertainment complexes. Whether you’re looking for a competitive game or a casual match with friends, you’ll find the perfect spot.. So, grab your cue and explore the best billiards spots New England has to offer!

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