The Best Places to Play Pool in Atlantic City

The Best Places to Play Pool in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is known for its vibrant nightlife, casinos, and entertainment options. If you're looking to enjoy a game of pool during your visit, you'll find plenty of great spots to choose from. Lets highlight the some places to play billiards in Atlantic City and provide some tips for making the most of your experience.


1. Bally's Atlantic City

Bally's casino features a small pool room with a couple of tables available for play. While it may not be as expansive as some other options, it's a convenient choice if you're already at the casino and looking for a quick game.

2. Atlantic City Billiard Club

This venue offers an exceptional environment for billiards enthusiasts. The variety of tables, including standard, double shim, and triple shim options, as well as a rare snooker table, caters to all preferences. The staff are welcoming, and the availability of hot food and beverages enhances the overall experience. For those seeking competitive play, the establishment hosts leagues and tournaments, providing opportunities for players of all skill levels. Additionally, patrons can purchase new cues or use the house-provided ones, ensuring everyone is well-equipped. Overall, this pool hall is a well-managed, friendly establishment with reasonable prices. I highly recommend it.

3. Tropicana Atlantic City

Head to the North Tower at the Tropicana, and you'll find a few pool tables in the arcade area. It's a casual spot that's perfect for a laid-back game or two while taking a break from the other casino attractions.

4. Atlantic City Billiards

Atlantic City Billiards is an amazing old school pool hall. Dimly lit and steeped in history and old school vibes that they still have a pay phone on the wall. And they even got a shout out from Joe Rogan himself when he was last in town.


Tips for Playing Pool in Atlantic City:

  1. Call ahead to check table availability and pricing, especially during peak hours and weekends.
  2. Brush up on your pool etiquette to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.
  3. Take advantage of any drink specials or promotions offered at the venue to maximize your entertainment budget.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask for tips or advice from more experienced players – most are happy to share their knowledge!

Atlantic City doest offer many options for enjoying a game of pool. But from dedicated pool halls to small casual casino spots where you can also a cold beverage, you're sure to find the perfect place to shoot some balls and have a great time during your visit to this exciting city.

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