What woods are used in the Black Label Billiards collection?

What woods are used in the Black Label Billiards collection?

As we set out to craft some of the best pool tables on the market today we get asked what selection of hardwoods we use. Here is a list of types of wood we would typically use and why they are selected apart from their natural beauty.



Hard Maple is a dense hardwood known for its sturdy bright white sapwood and is one of the hardest and most dense hardwoods. It has high resistance to abrasion and wear, making it ideal for furniture, cabinets, stairs, moldings, and millwork. For our clients, Hard Maple mainly in a veneer fashion on parts of the table and is particularly suited for billiard cues due to its strength and durability, ensuring the cue sticks provide the precision and power needed for gameplay [1].


American Black Walnut is a straight-grained, medium-density hardwood with a beautiful dark red heartwood and steamed dark sapwood. It is renowned for its color and working properties, including its ability to machine and bend well, making it an excellent choice for furniture, paneling, cabinets, doors, and rifle stock. Walnut could be utilized in the construction main of our billiard tables or as an accent piece, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to our modern and traditional designs [2].


White Ash is dense with bright white sapwood and light tan heartwood, and it's known for its uniform, well-defined annual growth rings. It's commonly used in furniture, tool handles, guitar bodies, and flooring. White Ash is the hardwood of choice for making baseball bats and long bows due to its strength and durability. Ash is used as a great accenting wood and could be used for the shafts of cues, given its ability to withstand the rigors of play without compromising on performance [3].


Cherry hardwood is valued for its rich red heartwood, beautiful grain patterns, and minimal gum spots. It is medium density, with good wood bending properties, making it suitable for fine flooring, and recreational vehicle interiors. For our pool tables Cherry is considered for the construction of our high-end billiard tables or as a decorative element on the table, adding a touch of elegance and character [4].

Exotic Woods

As for exotic woods like Wych Elm Burl, Persian Walnut, Cocobolo, on request will see if the wood inquired about is capable of being used in a pool table frame or styling section after careful consideration.

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